What is a Q Magnet?

The Quadrapolar or Q Magnet is a static multipolar magnetic flux generator Class I Medical Device. It consists of four alternating magnetic quadrants or poles within one solid magnetic body. The Q Magnet produces steep magnetic field gradients along the boundaries of the four alternating pole quadrants. ink pharmacy locations The Q Magnet has a flux plate attached to the top of the device to further increase the field gradient and drive the field deeper into the body to enhance the therapeutic effect and target the deeper nerve structures.

On top of the plate is a durable sticker that displays the orientation arrow and a unique serial number for the medical device. The device is then encased in a hypoallergenic tough acrylic casing.

Q Magnet comparisonsSeen through a magnet viewer to the left, the boundaries between the four alternating pole quadrants can be observed. The boundaries, seen as lines, represent the dividing point where the field as measured on the surface of the device transitions from one pole to the next. The field gradient makes this steep transition along the entire length of the boundary.

The first Quadrapolar magnets used therapeutically were comprised of four separate bipolar magnets which had to be assembled into one device. The maximally effective region of these devices were at the point of contact of each bipolar magnet. See explanation here. The bottom image of the three to the left shows the four alternating bipolar magnets through a magnet viewer. Although the magnets are in fact touching, looking at the magnetic field it appears they are slightly separated. This is also the dividing point where the magnetic field transitions from one pole to the next.

Q Magnets provide a superior effect as they produce a steeper field gradient along the entire length of inter-pole boundary.

Q Magnets were designed to provide mild pain relief. Work on the first Quadrapolar magnets was pioneered by Dr Robert Holcomb in 1990's. Q Magnets are manufactured in Australia and is listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration as a Class I Medical Device AUSTR # 132324.

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