Are Q Magnets similar to Magna Bloc™ that used to be sold through Amway distributors?

Magna Bloc™ was built on the same quadrapolar design. Q Magnets are the next generation of quadrapolar design in that they combine very strong rare earth neodymium magnets with the latest magnetising techniques to produce a quadrapolar magnet of four alternating quadrants or poles in one round magnetic body. One side of the Q Magnet device has a flux /shield like a plate, made of high grade magnetic stainless steal. This drives the field deeper into the body and insulates the field exposure away from the body. The outer side of the Q Magnet has a label that displays the orientation arrow and other information including the Australian ARTG Class I Medical Device number and a unique Serial number for every device. The device is housed in a plastic casing to protect it from cracking and rusting. These next generation quadrapolar magnets are smaller and yet much more powerful and penetrate deeper into the body providing a more reliable and greater therapeutic effect such as pain relief.

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