How do I know which Q Magnet to use?

The best Q Magnet to use for an application is dependent on three criteria in the following priority:

a) The depth of the nerve from the surface at the skin.
b) The size of the nerve you are seeking to block the pain signal.
c) The comfort factor of wearing a device on a certain part of the body.

See detailed explanation here.

To simply explain…
If the nerve you are seeking to have an effect on is for example, the sciatic nerve (runs through the buttocks and down the back of the leg), then since it is a relatively deep and large nerve, it would be best to use a larger magnet which penetrates deeper and covers a larger area such as the QF28-6 or a small person may use a QF28-3 model. It is recommended to use at least the QF28-3 model over the dorsal column (spine).

If it is a nerve near the hand such as a radial nerve you would likely use the QF20-2, as these nerves are relatively small and close to the surface. The other factor is that the smaller devices such as the QF20-2 or the Q6-1.5 may be more comfortable in places such as the wrist and arm.

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