Can anyone treat his or her self?

The answer is yes, if the directions are followed carefully. However, success depends entirely upon correct placement of the Q Magnet. Failure could easily reflect poor placement rather than ineffectiveness.

It is likely that more complicated pain syndromes will require evaluation and correct diagnosis by a physician, physiotherapist or skilled health care provider before treatment. Correct diagnosis and treatment by skilled health practitioners in the use of Q Magnets will likely produce beneficial results in the majority of cases. Medical doctors may also combine the use of Q Magnets with pharmaceutical agents to great benefit. Check with your treating medical practitioner.

So while someone may be able to treat themselves successfully, failure does not necessarily mean the Q Magnets cannot be made to work under the proper circumstances. Importantly, because minimal side effects of Q Magnets have been identified, individuals can try to treat themselves safely before seeking further expert attention. It is strongly recommended, however, that individuals not use Q Magnets as an excuse to delay seeking expert attention for the treatment of a significant medical problem.

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