I have read that magnetic energy generated by high tension wires is dangerous. Is this device potentially dangerous?

Q Magnets are a static magnet and do not create alternating or pulsing fields of energy. The years of research done on static magnetic fields have shown them to be safe. There are no known harmful effects caused by static magnetic fields. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine (MRI) is many times more powerful than rare earth static magnets and this has been deemed safe by the FDA. The WHO and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection released a report in 2009 titled GUIDELINES ON LIMITS OF EXPOSURE TO STATIC MAGNETIC FIELDS which states that static magnetic fields under 2T or 20,000Gauss are safe for humans.

Static magnetic fields are all around each of us in our daily lives, including the earth’s magnetic field. The uses of static magnets are many including those used in cars, machines, advertisements, etc. To date, it is universally accepted that static magnetic fields pose litte or no threat to health or safety.

Magnetic fields generated by high tension wires are alternating pulsing fields caused by AC electrical currents. These alternating fields could cause a potential health risk. There is a lot of controversy surrounding these fields. Many scientists have linked diseases from exposure to these fields but the results of the research is not universally accepted.

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