How to separate strong Q Magnets that are stuck together?

It can almost seem impossible to get the larger Q Magnets apart, unless you have the right technique.

The larger Q Magnets are needed to get the extra depth of penetration required to target the larger joints such as the hips and the lower back. But with size comes strength and being made from the strongest static magnet material available (neodymium) this can have unintended consequences.

It requires a shearing force to easily separate the magnets, don’t ever try pulling them directly apart or force a knife in between. The other key is to use your larger muscles.

Place the bottom magnet on some type of recess (in the example illustrated we simply used a kitchen table), then push up against the top magnet with, say your thumbs. You can then slowly shift your weight using your leg muscles and lean into the table. The top magnet should slide off.

If you have a double sided adhesive stuck in between, this will require much more force, but is still possible.

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