How to clean Q Magnets

If you use adhesive (sports tape of Qfix28) to attach your Q Magnets, then you might like to remove any sticky residue build up.

Sticky or goo removers work best and are easily found at your local grocery store. Most are petroleum (hydrocarbon) based cleaners and some use a compound found in orange rinds called limonene which is why it smells like oranges. Do not use alcohol (see below).

For a home remedy, simply use some oil from a jar of peanut butter and you’ll be surprised at how well it works. 

These are some of the common brands found in grocery stores…

United States
Goo Gone 

Orange Power
Pascoe’s oomph

What not to do:
The most important thing is to avoid using alcohol based cleaners as this will eventually crack the plastic casing. It’s OK to use an alcohol based disinfectant to quickly sterilise a device, but make sure the residue is immediately removed.

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